What Do You Say to Yourself?

Tips for Living Bright 05/13: POSITIVE SELF-TALK

This a recycled post but an important reminder . . .

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. I remember seeing that phrase on a school bulletin board back in elementary school, and since then I’ve tried to abide by those words.  I made it a point (I’ve not always done this, but I try) to not bad-mouth people, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and to say only positive things about people. . .EXCEPT about one particular person. . . ME!

What do you say about yourself?

“I look awful” or “I feel so fat” or . . .

Lately, I’ve made a conscious effort to watch the things I say to myself, especially after my husband and my sons pointed out that I was repeatedly putting myself down.  FYI, your kids notice what comes out of your mouth!  If you put yourself down, then they’ll start putting themselves down. 

“I look awful.”     “I hate (this) about myself.” 

If we say anything like this to our friends, they probably wouldn’t be our friends anymore. So, why do we think it’s okay to say these things to ourselves?!?!

A little humor to convey my point.

Be kind to yourself. Even if you are thinking or feeling it, do not verbalize negative words. (I realized that when I was putting myself down, I was giving a lot of energy and focus to what I didn’t like about myself and this would only cause me to spiral.)

Instead, give yourself a compliment and then another one.  EVEN, if it feels uncomfortable or if you feel like you’re lying to yourself. Work on the habit of replacing self-put downs with self-love. Over time this becomes easier, and you may actually start to believe it! 🙂

You are amazing. You are awesome. Be your own best friend!


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