My Pantry Organizational Re-do

This is my BEFORE (oh my, what a mess!).  

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And this is my AFTER.

Pantry Organization

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It looks much more sparse, but the truth is everything has a place. I keep fresh fruits and vegetables elsewhere.  To create the space (clean and clutter-free) that I wanted, I did the following:

  1. Took everything out so that I could really see what I was working with.
  2. I took a visual inventory of my stash and decided on what canisters, bins, and baskets to purchase. Home Goods was my saving grace.
  3. I consolidated items and created strategic sections—one section for spices and cooking supplies, one section for the large, not-attractive cookware such as the crockpot and popcorn popper.   Those items were hidden from view on the side shelves. (See photo)
  4. I created identifying labels using Avery 5162 and also used chalk clothe pin labels.See basket labeled with Rice and Pasta
  5. I have a rotating spice rack on my counter, however, we also have an abundance of spices in the pantry.  These spices were always knocking over and it was hard to find just the right spice. By putting the spices in bins, I can easily grab the container and find the spice needed.img_1019


6. I kept cooking instructions for pasta, rice, and other items placed on canisters.I gently taped (so that the tape is easily removable) the instructions to the back of the canister.

7. I found a wire rack basket that allows me to stack cans sideways without falling out.  This saves so much space.

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

I also got ambitiousimg_1011 and cleaned under the sink. The big clean-up there included a basket that hangs over the door. This basket contains all the frequently-used items, such as dish soap.

I also added shelving and hung bottles from the outer rack.


Here are pantry organization items I used or recommend.

(Please note, this section does contain affiliate links.)

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Labels for Jars, 80 Pack Premium Chalkboard Labels; 3.5 x 2 Inch Large and Reusable Blackboard Vinyl Sticker to Organize Your Pantry Storage & Office; Free Bonus Erasable White Chalk Marker Included

OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Container Set

Organize It All Can Rack (1866W)

Lifewit Under Sink Organizer with Expandable Shelf Height Adjustable Kitchen Bathroom Toilet Storage Organization Rack, Carbon Steel, Black

mDesign Over the Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer Basket for Aluminum Foil, Sandwich Bags, Cleaning Supplies – Bronze

6 thoughts on “My Pantry Organizational Re-do

  1. Oh my goodness, my pantry looks even worse than your before picture. Haha! This really inspired me. I HATE knocking over spices and pushing everything aside to try to find what I need. This is just the kind of organization my pantry needs.

  2. I just went through my pantry and reorganized. Seems some people in the family can’t always put things back where they belong. I love using jars with labels and baskets.

  3. I really need to organize my pantry! It has become such a mess. Yours looks how I want mine to look, with cute labels and a spot for everything! Now I just have to make some time to do it…

  4. It looks so good!! I love an organized pantry. That is what I miss most about my old house (the pantry). Now I just have cabinets.

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