The Ultimate Home Improvement Master List

Spring is in the air—at least that is how it feels in Maryland, even though it is the middle of February. And with this beautiful weather comes my itch to renovate, clean, purge, remodel, and redecorate.  I am a dreamer but also a realist; I know that everything cannot be done all at once. There is no magic wand nor does my budget allow it.


Mixing my dreamer and realist personality, I came up with this Home Improvement Master List.  It tackles every room of the house (even rooms that I do not personally have), listing out areas that you may want to organize and/or remodel.  The Master List also provides space for you to  outline your vision, write out remodeling quotes, budget, and prioritize. Prioritizing is key and so is having the BIG PICTURE.

This is the list that I will be using to transform my home, starting small with a transformation of my pantry.

My husband and I have been on the fence about whether or not to sell our house for a larger one: Should we love it or list it? Should we stay or should we go?

Right now, we are leaning towards STAYING with the plan of transforming our existing house into our dream vision. (I plan to chronicle this on the blog as well.) This will afford us the chance to ALSO purchase a small water-front property on the Eastern Shore (nothing elaborate–a small place on the water where I can hear and see the sound of lapping waves). My dream has always been to have a place on the water where I can write.

Our goal is to (1) find a water-front place two years from now and (2) have our current house looking and feeling just like we want it.  That is our goal.

What is the goal for your home?

We will be using the Ultimate Home Improvement Master List. I hope you will too.

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