EXPECT to Achieve Your Goals

“If you would like to accomplish something, you must expect this of yourself.”
                           – Wayne Dyer

That sounds so simple. BUT, ask yourself . . . are you REALLY expecting to accomplish your goals when you set them?

Or, are you setting goals that you HOPE will come true, but only HALF-BELIEVING that they will? With the New Year around the corner, resolutions are often set . . . and then broken over time.

Why is this?

There could be many reasons. One reason this happens is that people often make New Year’s Resolutions without truly believing and SEEING the outcome for themselves. Instead of resolutions, they are setting WISHES. These wishes are curtailed by mediocre effort and commitment. When the real commitment is needed (and demanded), the desire is often diminished because one’s belief is limited. They did not truly believe that the goal could happen—they only hoped that it would come true.  The effort needed begins for a while until they talk themselves out of the outcome.

Be cognizant of this when you are setting your goals—are you really EXPECTING this of yourself? 


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