Tackle the Hardest Thing on Your To Do List First

Procrastination is often the result of fear, the unknown, or downright lack of motivation. The hardest thing on your ‘To Do’ list is often the thing that is done last or put aside.

And what happens?

It looms, festers, and weighs on you like a nagging, anxiety-inducing annoyance.

But when you tackle it first – like ripping off a bandaid – you will immediately feel relieved. You may also find that doing THAT THING wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Having completed it, you will open the door to productivity because THAT THING is no longer blocking your flow and motivation. 


[Every Monday, a new ‘habit’ will be posted as part of my Bright Light Living Healthy Habits series. These ‘Healthy Habits’ encompass habits for the mind, body, spirit, and one’s perspective of life—in order to LIVE BRIGHT.  You may wish to implement the habits each week (if so, I encourage you to download the Healthy Habits Assessment form). Or, the week’s habit can simply serve as a journal prompt or something to ponder.  It’s up to you. I do hope you will check in each week.]

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