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8 Ways to Drink More Water






Water – it does a body good, but sometimes drinking the recommended 64 ounces of water daily can be challenging. The secret to consistent water drinking is to keep your water within reach, tasty, and enticing. These tips will help you stay on track. Ahhhhhh


1. Add a Splash of Lemon

Don’t like the taste of water? No problem, add some lemon and your taste buds will thank you. You can slice up a lemon in advance and store the slices for later. Or, for lemon water on the go, you can drop in a packet of True Lemon—my latest, favorite discovery. No mess, no cutting, and only 5 calories. I love these packets. Since discovering them, I have been drinking so much more water. There are other flavors too—True Lime Bulk Pack, 500 Count (Net Wt .88lbs), True Orange Bulk Pack, 500 Count, and True Grapefruit Bulk Pack, 500 Count.

True Lemon Bulk Pack, 500 Count

2. Use it as a Means to Lose Weight

Drink a glass of water before every meal as a way to suppress your appetite. You will feel fuller faster, making it easier to eat less. If losing weight is one of your goals than this trick will allow you to accomplish two goals at once. Water aids your digestion as well—an added bonus.

3. Get a 64- or 32-Ounce Water Bottle

Fill up a 64- or 32-ounce bottle with water to keep you accountable. Once the bottle is empty, you will know that you have met your water quota (or half of it). Check out this great cooler: “Hydr-8 Gallon” 32oz Insulated Time Marked Water Bottle not only keeps your water cold all-day, but it also contains time markings to keep you on task.


4. Fizz it Up

If you are not a fan of water, try the taste of sparkling water. Something about the bubbles makes the water much more refreshing. I am grateful for my Samsung Refrigerator that contains a sparkling water capability. One push of a button and I have a glass of sparkling water water at my disposal. The refrigerator contains SodaStream 60-Liter Carbonator-Spare Cylinder canisters that need to be replaced when empty. Be sure to keep a spare canister on hand—take it from someone who relies on her seltzer water. When the canister is empty and I do not have a replacement, my water intake decreases significantly.

5. Make it Fancy

Drink your water in a wine glass. You know that sparkling water I love? I like to put it in a large wine glass to really incentivize my water drinking. (It also reduces my wine intake J ). Wine always tastes better in a large wine glass and so will your water.

6. Use Water to Boost your Metabolism

Two of your eight glasses of water will be complete with this tip. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and right before bed. It will help make for a energized morning and a restful evening.

7. Use a Menu Tracker

Track your eating, exercise, and water consumption with a menu tracker such as the one shown here. Complete the form below to receive a free copy. The menu tracker keeps you accountable; you may be surprised how much you eat and little you drink.

Please send to email submitted:

8. The Right Cup

Try drinking your water out of a fruit-infused water bottle. Or . . . My son introduced me to the Right Cup; he requested it for his birthday. It claims to trick your brain through smell to convince you that you are drinking flavored water. Sounds promising; I admit that I am intrigued. My son’s birthday is in February—stay tuned. We will check out the cup and report the results.


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