Do Not Worry What Others Think of You

If there is one achilles heel that has plagued me throughout my life it would be worrying about what others thought of me. This bad habit can be a burden. It holds you back and causes you to second-guess yourself. This quarantine, while awful, has provided me one thing--a certain amount of freedom in not … Continue reading Do Not Worry What Others Think of You

Avoid Bread and Processed Sugar

This week's healthy habit is not fun at all -- it definitely will be tough for me -- and that is to avoid bread and processed sugar. Right now, I am on week three of a diet that doesn't allow these indulgences (and some of my vices) and I can say it does reduce bloating. … Continue reading Avoid Bread and Processed Sugar

Putting Things (Back) Where They Belong

[This post was originally posted in May 2020] This week's "Healthy Habit" is simple and should be pretty easy, but yet it is one that is not always practiced (at least not by my kids). With this quarantine, NOT practicing this habit becomes very evident. To give some examples: Putting your dishes in the dishwasher … Continue reading Putting Things (Back) Where They Belong

Do Not Eat After 8 P.M.

This week's habit is short and simple--do not eat after 8 p.m. There is light at the end of this pandemic tunnel and, more and more, we are going back to wearing (and, hopefully, FITTING into) our normal clothes rather than just PJs or our comfortable athletic wear. Over the past few weeks, I've been … Continue reading Do Not Eat After 8 P.M.

VISUALIZE the Life You Want

When I began the 52 Weeks of Healthy Habits for Bright Light Living, life was definitely different.  The habits were designed to be implemented slowly, week by week, in order to create sustainable habits.  Rather than radically trying to change all aspects of our lives, the habits were designed to be manageable.  This week, I … Continue reading VISUALIZE the Life You Want

Establish a Morning Routine

Establish a morning routine that will kickstart your day into gear. Instead of tumbling out of bed and stumbling into the kitchen to pour yourself a cup . . .(sorry, a certain song is in my head), pull back the covers with a mission and fire within you. Your morning routine could involve the following---these habits … Continue reading Establish a Morning Routine

Reach Out to Friends

[Originally posted in March 30, 2020] I say this only in jest and to illustrate a point, but . . . sometimes it feels as if the pandemic is nothing more than one large psychology experiment to see how we, humans, do without daily interaction. And I can tell you, without a doubt, social interaction … Continue reading Reach Out to Friends


I was holding off including this habit until I became more proficient at it.  If am being honest, my meditation practice is sporadic.  It is something that I've wanted to be diligent about, but the franticness of life has been my excuse for not practicing meditation daily. Until now. . .one good silver lining of … Continue reading Meditate

Hold Tight to Your Faith

[Originally posted March 2020] For this week’s Healthy Habit, I considered at least three other “habits" to share—all changing with the evolving circumstances of COVID-19. Last week involved me trying to make my fundraising goals despite growing fears of the virus. I tried to balance the reality of the situation with my need to press … Continue reading Hold Tight to Your Faith

Say Only Kind Words . . .to YOURSELF!

If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all. I remember seeing that phrase on a school bulletin board back in elementary school, and since then I've tried to abide by those words.  I made it a point (I've not always done this, but I try) to not bad-mouth people, to … Continue reading Say Only Kind Words . . .to YOURSELF!

Celebrate Your Small Victories

Celebrate your small victories.  This week’s Bright Light Healthy Habit sounds so simple – so obvious. But for me, it’s not. Not always. Not when there is more to be accomplished. If you are competitive like me (competitive with yourself, that is), you may find yourself impatient with the time and steps involved in completing … Continue reading Celebrate Your Small Victories

Form a ONE Minute Habit

A habit is best formed when it becomes a routine, so what better way to form a routine than to make it quick and manageable . . . like something that can be done in ONE MINUTE. I say this because one minute seems doable, right?  It's not overwhelming to think about; it doesn't involve … Continue reading Form a ONE Minute Habit