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Taking Time to BREATH

I have adapted an old post to fit with the Thanksgiving holiday. Years ago, I sat down and wrote free-form (purposely not worrying about grammar or style or even subject matter)–just good old fashioned stream of consciousness.  The following is what came out (it…

How to FOCUS When Your Brain is Overloaded

The other morning, I dreamt about a painting in which my dream-self was trying to decipher what it was. Smack in the middle of the painting was — what should have been so obvious—a picture of a flower or rose bud, only I couldn’t…

How My Life Perspective Changed at a Gas Station

Sometimes life hands us disappointments, but it is how we accept these disappointments that matter.  Do we handle them with grace and still give our 100%?

How to Get Past the Messy Middle

With any project or goal that you set for yourself there are STAGES including the Messy Middle, which also stops the project before completion. Learn how to forge ahead and accomplish your goals.

Tips for Fitting Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

No more excuses. Make time to exercise, despite your busy schedule, by implementing these helpful tips. Whether that involves exercising when you are at your child’s sports practice or actually writing down exercise classes on your calendar, there are ways to ensure that you do not skimp on the exercise.

The Art of Listening to YOU

Listening to your gut, heart, or instincts–Is that the right thing to do and if so, why?  How can you listen to your heart and truly know that it is your heart talking?

Why Writing Consistently is Critical

Writing Consistently is Critical.

Writing is a muscle — the more you write, the easier it becomes. It is also critical that you write consistently for the following reasons. . .

How Gratitude Brings Abundance

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”                                      – Oprah Winfrey   Last year, I created 52 Healthy Habits that were designed to invigorate the mind, body,…

Pushing Past Fear to Your Goals

I, by nature, am a shy person. Or, at least I was as a young girl. This shyness often contradicted my adventurous side that loved trying new things and taking risks. My parents couldn’t believe it when their shy little girl declared that she…

Finding Your Passion

Learn WAYS to help determine what brings you the most happiness and what might be your professional calling.

Trust the Process

  Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.        – Robert Collier I have big goals this year, and I have to admit: I am struggling with the process—the process of getting this blog off the…

Movies and Scenes that Inspire

It’s been a LOOOONG week and if you’re like me, you want nothing more than to veg on the couch tonight with a good movie. Looking for a good flick to watch—one that will move you to tears, inspire you, and make you feel…